Manufacturing grows Ontario's economy

Manufacturing drives the economy. Ontario's manufacturers account for nearly 30% of all economic activity, over 25% of all jobs, and 75% of exports. The sector makes world class products right here, from cars that get you to work safely each day, to electronics that power your cell phone, to movie projectors that you watch your favorite show on. All of it proudly built right here by over three-quarters of a million Ontarians.

The reality is that today we live in a global economy. It's a competitive landscape and all parts of the world are competing to take manufacturing jobs away from Ontario. The province has lost thousands of manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs with many more at risk with the high cost of operation in the province.

This can and should change.

We want Ontario to lead the world into the exciting new future of advanced manufacturing and job creation. We know that a strong manufacturing industry means a strong Ontario economy.

That's why we need a manufacturing strategy for Ontario. One that keeps our industry competitive and powers our provincial economy so that we can keep jobs and prosperity here in Ontario.

Are you ready to join thousands of Ontarians who support a manufacturing strategy for Ontario?

Yes, I believe Ontario needs a manufacturing strategy so that we can create more high skilled jobs and strengthen our communities and economy.

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