More High Skilled Jobs in Alberta

Manufacturing means good jobs. Nearly 135,000 Albertans are directly employed in high-wage, skilled manufacturing careers ranging from technical trades and software to engineers and customer service. Manufacturing generates 5.2 per cent of total employment and $27.6 billion exports.

The cost of doing business in Alberta is too high. Markets are uncertain. Investment in new equipment and technology in our province lags competing jurisdictions and has fallen by 25 per cent since 2015. This has dire implications for productivity growth and the future of manufacturing competitiveness.

This election is a turning point for us. Regardless of who wins, it’s time to develop an Alberta-made manufacturing strategy that will give manufacturers the competitive edge needed to thrive in the years ahead.

This can and should change. 

We want skilled jobs created right here in Alberta. Areas like computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence all present opportunities for Alberta to lead the Canada into the future. 

Manufacturing creates these opportunities. By building a thriving manufacturing sector, we ensure our kids are able to put their education to work right here at home.

But we can't have the future we want if Alberta’s manufacturing sector falls behind. That's why we need a manufacturing strategy to make sure Alberta thrives in the future and can create the high-skilled jobs we want for our kids and generations to come.

Are you ready to join thousands of Albertans who support a manufacturing strategy for Alberta?

Yes, I believe Alberta needs a manufacturing strategy so that we can create more high skilled jobs and strengthen our communities and economy.

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