More High Skilled Jobs in Ontario

Manufacturing means good jobs. Nearly 800,000 Ontarians are directly employed in high wage, high skilled manufacturing careers ranging from technical trades, to computer programmers, to engineers, to customer service. Another 1.2 million jobs are directly related to manufacturing across a wide range of sectors, including natural resources, services, government jobs and technology.

However, over the past decade, the sector lost roughly 500,000 direct jobs across Ontario as it struggled to compete in a rapidly changing global landscape. Over this time, plants closed and production was shifted to other, more cost competitive jurisdictions.

This can and should change.

We want high-skilled jobs created right here in Ontario. Areas like computer science, robotics and artificial intelligence all present opportunities for Ontario to lead the world into the future.

Manufacturing creates these opportunities. By making sure our manufacturing sector thrives, we can ensure our kids are able to put their education to work right here at home. More high-skilled jobs means a stronger economy so that we can continue to enjoy the benefits of living in a world-class society.

But we can't have the future we want if Ontario's manufacturing sector falls behind. That's why we need a manufacturing strategy to make sure Ontario thrives in the future and can create the high-skilled jobs we want for our kids and generations to come.

Are you ready to join thousands of Ontarians who support a manufacturing strategy for Ontario?

Yes, I believe Ontario needs a manufacturing strategy so that we can create more high skilled jobs and strengthen our communities and economy.

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