Innovation for tomorrow, today

Manufacturing innovation continues to create the economy of tomorrow. From a rich history of innovation in products such as automobiles and mobile computing, manufacturers today are building a new future of robotics and artificial intelligence. These technologies are changing the way companies design and make the products and how consumers use and interact with them - take self-driving cars as an example.

But we are falling behind - companies are investing less in research because they have less to spend. As factories leave and take the innovations with them, fewer companies are creating new products. Companies are investing less in advanced processes to keep their factories globally competitive.

This can and should change.

Being part of that innovation is an opportunity for Ontarians. Innovation and commercialization of new products will create the high-skilled, high-paying jobs that Ontarians wants and will make sure Ontario is ready for tomorrow. That's why it's so important that Ontario have a strategy, which keeps our province globally competitive and brings our economy into the future.

Are you ready to join thousands of Ontarians who support a manufacturing strategy for Ontario?

Yes, I believe Ontario needs a manufacturing strategy so that we can create more high skilled jobs and strengthen our communities and economy.

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