Manufacturing makes our communities

Manufacturing builds strong communities. Across Ontario manufacturing jobs are the lifeblood of a community. Manufacturers fuel our small towns' economies and our way of life. The companies and their employees support local charities, hockey, and soccer teams. They contribute roughly $27 billion annually in tax revenues to the province of Ontario that goes to build and maintain hospitals, schools and roads.

However, over the past decade, many hard-working Ontarians have lost their jobs as manufacturers struggled to compete in a rapidly changing global landscape. Over this time, plants closed and production was shifted to other, more cost-competitive jurisdictions putting our communities and our small towns at risk.

This can and should change.

Ontarians want their communities to stay strong. They want to grow and prosper. They want good jobs and a secure future for their kids in their home town.

That's why it's so important that Ontario has a manufacturing strategy. We need a plan from government that makes sure Ontario's manufacturing communities stay strong so we can keep businesses open and dependable jobs available close to home.

Are you ready to join thousands of Ontarians who support a manufacturing strategy for Ontario?

Yes, I believe Ontario needs a manufacturing strategy so that we can create more high skilled jobs and strengthen our communities and economy.

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