Spotlight: Tenaris

A Good Neighbour

Tenaris’s advanced manufacturing facility, AlgomaTubes, is integral to serving North America’s energy market with sophisticated steel pipe products and services. 

As the second largest private employer in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Tenaris has a responsibility to be a good neighbour. It starts with a shared set of values — safety, quality, sustainability — as well as a dedication to being a world leader in advanced manufacturing. 

Safety is at the core of Tenaris’s operations. Providing a safe working environment means working together to improve the workplace so employees return home to their families every day. 

Creating quality products means safety for Tenaris’s customers. The safe and responsible development of Canada’s energy industry depends on the reliability and quality of Tenaris’s steel pipe products. 

As a community partner for over 18 years, Tenaris aims to foster a vibrant, sustainable community. Through long-term investments in education programs, Tenaris is encouraging local youth to pursue careers in science and technology to continue building a prosperous city.

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