A Brand New Facility

Steelworks Design, in one the most significant developments in its history, is expanding and moving its operations to a brand-new manufacturing facility. The new 112,000 square foot building is set to become the primary manufacturing hub for the Peterborough community. It will be home to Steelworks Design, Kawartha Metals and their employees.

“It’s going to be the most modern industrial facility in the city, and certainly the largest,” says Rhonda Barnet, Steelworks Design Co-President, “and a welcome development for our local economy.” Steelworks Design,  a family-owned SME that found success on the global markets, had long outgrown its previous location and the search for close-by property suitable for investing in growing operations has been ongoing for several years.

Room for expansion is certainly a primary benefit of the new facility. Steelworks Design will also be putting in a new Robotics lab. The lab will provide opportunity for further growth and innovation within the company and provide opportunity for community involvement.

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Spotlight: Steelworks Design